Best Reasons to Hire from Us 

When it comes to the battle for Talent, there is only one way: to win! ANS wants your facility to consider our innovative plan for hiring  the talent you need today to make it into the future. As a Non-for-Profit our mission is to alleviate the impending nurses shortage at our clients' healthcare facilities while reinvesting our efforts into our own communities. Whether your facility needs 5 or 10 or more, ANS will submit for hiring our Nurses through a financially viable donation of your choice to cover ANS operational overhead.

  • No Contingency Fee

  • No Retainer Fee

  • Zero Initial Hiring Risk

  • 100% Revenue Recovery


          Ten Reasons 


    Hire  RN's thru ANS 

  •  Placement Donation Choice

  •   Unlimited Placements

  •   No Recruiting Cost

  •   No Retainer/Contingency Fees

  •   Immediate Hardcost Recovery

  •   100% Donation Investment

  •   Reduced Vacancy Cost  

  •   Zero Placement Risk

  •   Diverse Hired Talent

  •   Softcost Freeze

Hire 5 10 15 & 20 Rn's

International Our HR Team

Flexible Off-Site or Virtual Delivery. We're committed to our clients' success. We're designing high value solutions; each  one tailored to specs. We'll secure the best talent within the shortest time possible for yout organizational goals. FAQ's

GN’s Hospitals Internship Placement

5 Benefits of Our Program

  1. Fill Your Pipeline with Future RN’s – Interview our foreigned Nurses today. Our internship program is a year-round recruiting tool consisting on identifying internationally graduated RNs seeking employment in USA hospitals but pending NCLEX passing and employment Visa. Our internship program allows hospital interviewing tomorrow's Nurses. There is not commitment except a Video-Interview at the hospital convenience. 

  2. Test-drive and pre-select our Nurses today. Starting an internship program with 5 or 10 of our Nurses will let you harvest the benefit while assessing our Nurses' talent. Upon passing NCLEX and getting licensed, your facility will receive notification of their readiness.

  3. Improve Your Nurses-retention rate. Lower your RN’s future turnover rates and high Cost-of-Vacancy. Nationwide statistics report up to 40% higher retention rate among employees from internships and support programs.

  4. Most of our Nurses hold a four years nursing degree and are highly trainable. Our Nurses strengths and skill sets is coupled to their desire to be trained and employed rewarding your hospital with no less than two years contract.

  5. Take advantage of ANS donation only placement cost. Our Nurses interns are an inexpensive resource while they will be highly motivated to perform well and stay in your hospital. When our Nurses from our Internship pass NCLEX, your hospital decides who and how many to employ for donation to ANS a Non for Profit Foundation.

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